The 2020 WORLD MADAM global finals ended with great success

来源: 韩国新华网   时间:2021-07-28 15:06:38

On the June 30, 2021, Beijing time, the grand opening of the 2020 "Guofang Cup" WORLD MADAM Global Finals was held at the Venetian Macao Hotel Theater. Due to the pandemic, the event was presented online and onstage simultaneously. Members of the Fifth Chief Executive Election Committee of the Macao Special Administrative Region, members of the Macau Foundation Trust Committee, and members of the Tourism Development Committee Madam Liang Anqi with other officials, madams, countries and regions Etiquette ambassadors, representatives of the organizing committees, guests, volunteers from China and Macao, relatives and friends, online audiences from the three major live broadcast platforms of YouTube, Uplive, and Yizhibo, together witnessed the grand ceremony.
First of all, Madam Annie Huang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WORLD MADAM Group, gave her opening speech. She first expressed her welcome to everyone coming to the WORLD MADAM International Culture Week to witness the birth of the world-class 2020 World Madam. She also expressed the hope that through a series of global activities to cohere the power of influential married women around the world in the fields of politics, economy, technology, and culture, so as to awaken more married women through the slogan "Crown Changes Lives” to spread health, beauty, and love, to improve women's status in global politic, economy and social events. The missions are to help the poor and the physically or mentally challenged women and children, and to promote world peace and development.
Afterwards, Madam Gao Xiaoyun, Chairwoman of the judging panel of the WORLD MADAM Global Finals, Global Executive Vice Chairwoman of WORLD MADAM and Executive Chairwoman of the Macao Division, took the oath along with Madam Liu Meishuo, representative of the attending madam candidates.
Madam candidates and etiquette ambassadors entered the arena respectively with flags representing their countries and regions as the opening of this event’s first chapter. Under the music of We Are the World, madam candidates collectively demonstrated their self-confidence and elegance. Famous Chinese soprano Ms. Ge Ziman had performed "Festival Song" and "A Glass of Wine” as well.

In the second chapter "Blossom", the attending candidates showed off of their talent.
In the third chapter "One Step for Madam, One Step for the World", the attending candidates and etiquette ambassadors introduced their countries and regions, the Q&A session allowed audiences to see the wisdom and personal cultivation of madams and etiquette ambassadors.
The fourth chapter "The Great Madam for the World, The Great World for Madam" is the formal dress session. The candidates and the etiquette ambassadors showed the audiences with their unique charms. They are the shinning stars on stage.

Madam Lisa Chen, Chairwoman of the World Madam judging panel and Global Executive Chairwoman, once again explained the significance of WORLD MADAM events before the Awards Ceremony, Looking back to the 2020 World Madam division competitions and looking forward to 2021, she appreciated the sacrifices of all the people involved.
Finally after series of award presentations including online contestant award, attending contestant award, online popularity champion award and global championship award, the 2020 Global Finals came to a perfect conclusion.

As we were informed that all the selections in all the World Madam global competitions initiated by Madam Huang Fani (Anni Huang) were not by mean of appearance, figure and talent. Contestants defined their successes and achievements by their rich multi-dimensional, diverse, inclusive social roles. "The Great Madam for the World, The Great World for Madam” is a new interpretation of the mission of WORLD MADAM.
Different from other traditional beauty pageants, the selection of WORLD MADAM not only adopts a combination of pre-selection and on the spot selection, There are three distinctive features:
First is the sense of international. Under the crisis of 2020 pandemic, WORLD MADAM still received applications or registrations to host from 31 countries and regions around the world. According to reported data, among the 11,000 candidates who signed up for the World Madam competitions, 195 madams had won awards in national level contests. There are 103 contestants in for the Global Finals. The involving countries and regions and the participation of many madams, as well as the Global Finals and Awards Ceremony in Macao, it was a truly international event;
Second is public welfare. WORLD MADAM waived the authorization fees for all competition countries and regions. This helped the executive chairman of each competition division to invest his/her limited resources in organizing events. This allowed madam candidates utilizing resources to carry out charity activities. The winners of the World Madam competitions were actively involving in public welfare activities, so as to effectively implement the concept of Madam Anni Huang's lifelong journey for public welfare. Public welfare and charity have become the most prominent and dazzling symbols of WORLD MADAM;
Third is universality. WORLD MADAM not only organized competitions, but also founded the World Madam Royal Academy. WORLD MADAM co-hosted the "Global Healthy Women”, sub-forum of the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Conference, the United Nations World Peace Concert, and the 5th annual “My Motherland China" World Chinese Spring Festival Gala, the 11th United Nations Autism Awareness Concert, "Singing Europe" 2021 European Spring Festival Gala, World Madam Charity Miles, Desert Gobi Challenge, etc., have made the WORLD MADAM's global series of events will eventually lead to a complete realization in the concept of "One Step for Madam, One Step for the World”.
WORLD MADAM's global series of activities hope to encourage more married women to learn how to care for themselves correctly while working hard for their careers, families, and their children by realizing "Crown Changes Lives", and then to care for others and participate in social welfare. More happy woman role models can make unremitting efforts to promote the vision and goal of "Families share Harmony and Happiness Around the Global".